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The service of a reputed Maryland probate attorney is essential if a relative or someone close to you dies. The job of hiring a reputable Maryland probate attorney would be one of your responsibilities if you were named the executor in the will or the will did not name an executor or the named executor is unavailable/deceased. This is where you need to execute your responsibilities correctly and find a reputed and experienced probate attorney in the area. This article provides an overview of how to find a Maryland probate attorney.

Probate lawyers come in two categories. A transactional probate attorney will handle the administrative side of probates while a probate litigator would represent the client in a court of law. Although some attorneys perform both tasks, the majority would specialize in one category or the other. If your loved one died recently and you need to commence the probate process, you should go with a transactional probate lawyer. On the other hand, if you have plans to challenge the will, you need to hire a reputed probate litigator to represent your case in a court of law.
Attorneys who are experienced in estate planning and trusts also could handle transactional probate cases successfully. You will require the services of an attorney who regularly handles probate matters. But they should also be thorough with the general law in your area. The attorney should know whether the actions taken by them could be affected by laws in any other area of law. For instance, the deceased relative had a vast amount of real estate holdings, the attorney you choose should have some knowledge about real estate property laws.
With so many probate lawyers operating in Maryland, picking the best lawyer could be a problem at times. This is where your extensive research and homework come in handy. The best way to find a reputable lawyer in the area is to ask for personal recommendations from someone you know and trust in the area. It could be from one of your friends, neighbors, family members or co-workers. Ask them if they have had a good experience with probate lawyers in the area. Such a conversation may reveal useful information and help you pick a reputed and experienced probate lawyer in Maryland. In fact, the word of mouth is a very effective method of finding a reliable probate attorney in the area. If you are unable to find a good lawyer through personal recommendations from someone you trust, you should consider online review sites such as,, and a host of other sites that review the quality of services offered by probate attorneys in the area.
The Internet has really changed the way people find reputed lawyers these days. More than 70-75% of consumers prefer to check online review sites when finding a good lawyer in their area. Make sure you consult only highly reputed review sites when looking for the best probate lawyer in Maryland. Once you have 3-4 reliable leads, you can check the websites of these lawyers to see how other clients are rating the services provided by the professional. Customer testimonials and reviews are an essential part of picking the right attorney in the area. If possible, try to call a couple of these clients to verify their claims on the site. Remember, online reviews could be manipulated at times. This is why it is a good practice to call a couple of clients and verify their claims about the attorney before you decide to pick potential probate attorney in Maryland.
Your state’s bar association is a great resource when you are looking for the best probate lawyer in the area. Check their website to find a lawyer with a good standing in the area. Once you have got the contacts of 2-3 reputed attorneys in the area, you need to check their backgrounds before selecting the best professional for your project. Check if they have professional memberships in local, state, or national associations. Interview the lawyer to see if he/she is the right fit for your requirements.
The aforementioned read offers important information on how to find a reputed probate attorney in Maryland.
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