If you’re looking into the services of the Maryland Register of Wills office, here are the frequently asked questions and answers that should help you with your decision.

  • What’s the job description of the office of Maryland register of Wills?

Well, the main service offered by this office is protection. First, it protects the deceased by making sure that all the last wishes are carried out accordingly. Secondly, the office protects the creditors, heirs and legatees by making sure that every individual receives their share. Lastly, the office protects Maryland (the state) by making sure that all the estate taxes and fees are paid.

To achieve the best results from their job, all the officers under this category have provided records to help any individuals looking into similar matters. For instance, any probate records of the deceased as well as their will can be viewed from the office where they were first filed. Keep in mind that wills of living individuals have not been declared as public records. As such, the Register of Wills still keeps them safe and away from prying eyes.

All the public records are available to all and sundry. The newer records are available in digital format. Therefore, they are easy to view through different computer terminals. On the other hand, the older records are available on paper, in docket books. This is typical and is among the older recording techniques. Therefore, depending on what you want to see, you should have the appropriate access.

  • What are some of the other services offered by the Register of Wills in Maryland?

If you need a will or any other documents filed in a specific estate, you can always visit the Maryland office. Visit the records division or the specific office where the documents were filed. Depending on the number of pages required or the type of document, you should expect some fee.


Keep in mind that the Register of Wills in Maryland isn’t responsible for transference of real estate deeds for inherited estates. Rather, you should contact the Land records division in Maryland or your attorney for further assistance on that matter. Also, the Register of Wills doesn’t provide birth or death certificates. Rather, these documents can be obtained for the vital statistics office.

Most people also assume that the Register of Wills office is also responsible for power of attorney issues. However, the Maryland office doesn’t have any jurisdiction on that matter. Keep in mind that power of attorney ends once the individual has passed away. For more information on the power of attorney matters, you can always consult a probate attorney.

Finally, the Register of Wills office doesn’t deal with the registration of living wills. Therefore, if you’re interested in making your own will, you should always consult a probate attorney for assistance on that matter. As a matter of fact, since the will is a legal document, the office isn’t qualified to handle such. Once you have filed your will, you can then submit it to the Maryland Office of Register of Wills for safekeeping.

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