Why a Probate Realtor Matters!

By: SPREadmin | 18 Aug 2016


We specialize in probate real estate because of the personal experiences of one of our founding brokers and the related experiences of several agents with the firm. Probate is a specialty near to our hearts.  The father of N. Xavier Arnold, a principal with our firm, died suddenly. A whirlwind of events transpired over the next several weeks in his life – the traveling, the funeral planning, the intermittent tears, the cataloging of a lifetime of accumulated belongings, the resignation, the long good-byes, and finally the settling of the probate estate.

This story is all too familiar. In fact, you may know someone who has had a similar experience.

Probate real estate is a special field that requires an understanding of the legal issues surrounding the dissolution of an estate. There are heirs, beneficiaries, and creditors. There may be a will or the person could have died “intestate”(without a will). Jurisdictional laws must be followed which means the probate process will not always be fluid.  But, no matter how strange the case might be, in the business we like to say “there is a script” that needs to be followed. Most real estate agents have no idea what that “script” is.

Few know what unseen legal issues may arise that will stop a sale dead in its tracks. Fewer still are prepared to help deal with the constant calls of eager investors or the harangue of anxious family members. Most Realtors have been trained to market properties to homeowners, and they are very good at it. But, most probate properties are not “end-buyer move-in ready”. Most probate properties need work, and in many cases significant work!

All of these issues require experiential knowledge to manage and resolve.

That’s why a probate Realtor matters!

The general public thinks that all Realtors are created equal, but the reality is very different. Like attorneys, doctors, and educators there are specialties within the real estate profession. Some Realtors work exclusively with buyers. Other Realtors concentrate on listings or specific neighborhoods. A probate Realtor is a specialist in the estate process with its many legal issues and the unique challenges of marketing of probate properties. This exclusivity comes with a price. We turn away opportunities that would take our focus off of our probate clients’ needs, but the reward is great.

Our dedication and commitment means that the general public now has a resource with years of experience and the assurance that their needs will be served by competent licensed professionals. Customers no longer have to scour the Internet looking for a real estate agent they hope sounds as good as their paid advertisement.

Personal Representatives and probate attorneys now have a sensible choice. Probate Real Estate Services & Sales is the one stop resource for all the services an estate requires. From clean out and hauling to selling the property for the highest price! We help our clients do it all, and we are the best at what we do! Take a look at our brief video and give us a call. Probate. We Make It Simple! That’s our promise and our commitment.