Finding a good Maryland Probate lawyer begins with an understanding of what your probate needs really are.

Your  loved one has died in Maryland and you aren’t sure what the probate laws are in the state. So, your first inclination is to call a Maryland probate lawyer to help you understand what to do next. You don’t have a lot of money at your disposal because of the funeral expenses, travel expenses, and what might come down the road next.

So, what should you do? What should be your first call? We suggest that you contact professionals with experience working with probate, estates, and conservatorships in Maryland that won’t cost you money at the onset. We suggest that that first call is to professionals who understand the probate process in Maryland and have the resources to get you ALL the help you need at a reasonable cost.

There’s only one company that can do that – Probate Real Estate Services and Sales, PRESS!

We are licensed real estate professionals that work as a team and have over thirty (30) years experience working with estates, trusts, and conservatorships. We specialize in probate (aka estates) exclusively. And, because we do, we have gained a reputation of being the best in the business from personal representatives and attorney’s across the DC metropolitan region.

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You, as a first time Personal Representative, PR, may not know what to do or even what questions to ask, but you can be confident that the PRESS Team does. We are familiar with every step of the probate process in the State of Maryland.  Because we’ve been down the road you are about to travel, hundreds of times, you need not make careless mistakes.  So, we ask again.

Do you need a good Maryland Probate Lawyer?

You may indeed need one, but if you are like most PRs in the State of Maryland, you probably won’t. Why? Because most estates are “unsupervised” or falls into the category of “informal estate administration.”  What does that mean? Informal estate administration is designed for most estates where there is little or no disagreement about how the assets of the estate should be distributed. Subsequently, informal administration requires very little court participation.

By default then, the Personal Representative may be able to handle many settlement activities without legal assistance. That is why unsupervised probate administration will, in most cases, be less expensive than supervised probate administration.

We have on this site a booklet that has the 4 Stages of the Probate Administration Process spelled out for you. Just watch our video on the home page and request the FREE booklet.

There are other services that may be required for the completion of the estate – personal property appraisal, real property appraisal, selling the property, cleaning the property, and others. The PRESS Team can assist with all of those services.

What makes the most sense and will cost you absolutely nothing? Call our office for a Comprehensive Estate Assessment, CEA. What is a CEA?

A Comprehensive Estate Assessment is an evaluation of an estate done by a licensed professional with experience in probate matters. The goal is to help the client understand the local jurisdictional requirements in order to move the estate through the probate process with minimal problems. Issues of filing deadlines, paperwork completion, asset valuation, and professional resource requirements are all evaluated and recommendations, then presented upon completion.


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